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Resignation Drama: Is BJP different than Congress? i.indiaopines.com/kk-singh/resignation-drama-is-bjp-different-than-congress/

“Uma Bharti and Rajiv Pratap Rudy were among five union ministers who resigned in what is seen to signal a mega cabinet reshuffle. Sources said more resignations are expected as ministers make way for new faces, including those from allied parties.”: New on NDTV

Drama, in which Congress was expert. But now such drama are stale and does not evoke any interest among the suffering mass, unemployed and oppressed people.
It could ‘reward’ those who are fighting for bigger pie in BJP government for power & money but will not be able to mask BJP’s treachery and mega failure towards the working people, like Demonetisation, GST, Black Money, Rising Unemployment, Inflation, FDI, dwindling GDP (Even after it is fudged), failed foreign policy, rising terrorism in J&K, backstabbing soldiers on OROP, waiving of gigantic loans/taxes of the big capitalists but letting farmers suicide, rise in atrocities on Dalits, Minorities, Tribes, Women and in almost all fronts!
BJP came to power curtsey failure of Congress but is following (Or rather accelerating) the economic, foreign policies of Congress only.
This similarity among all bourgeois and fake Left parties must be exposed ruthlessly, where the attack on the toiling mass is rising by the bourgeois state to increase profit rate of the bourgeois class. Capitalism has lived its life and is surviving on massive destruction of the productive forces, which includes the workers, the means of production. The birth of Socialism is utmost necessary to not only end the present exploitative society, usher a new classless society but to also save the humanity and the mother Earth from becoming uninhabitable due capitalist mode of production, for profit and not to sustain its population!
We did in history (In USSR and many other countries, till it was not backstabbed by Khrushchevites, Titoites, Trots, Anarchists, and 100s of other shades, who are anti Marxism Leninism but mask themselves with Communist jargons and are in hands in gloves with the imperialists and their agents, compradors) and we will do it again to route every trace of capitalism!

Have we forgotten HSRA and its founder members Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad amd other martyrs, who wanted to built Socialist India, after defeating the British?

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