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Today (25 Dec, 2015), Modi is in Pakistan to meet Nawaz Sharif, en-route to India from Afghanistan. This has come from his twit as a ‘surprise’! Incidentally, the foreign officials have been meeting in 3rd countries quietly. This was followed by Shushama Swaraj’s visit!


What has spurted these gestures to our arch enemy, whom same people, while in opposition, threatened to destroy? Even RSS called Pak as younger brother and when on an official visit, LK Advani had praised MA Jinna!


Its not that the previous government of Congress was against such visits, while they were in government, but now they are criticising Modi! Nawaz Sharif, on his part, has advised his leaders to talk minimum against India!!


Not out of context to point out Shiv Sena and few other regional parties, who survive on “agriculture of hatred” between various religions and national chauvinism, shout at top of their voice against Cricket tournaments between the two countries and even send some paid goons to create chaos in these functions and our law is incapacitated against them!


Yes, there is business interest of Adani in Pakistan, even though we are with limited electricity, wants to supply and the gas pipeline from Iran or Turkmenistan, via Pakistan to India is good proposition, but that talk is since long! The firing across the boarder is with full vigour and soldiers of both countries are dying at regular interval!


Has everything changed, just because Modi is PM now? Or is there something more to it? Is USA behind such moves? Is this part of a bigger plot, geo-politics, bringing Pak from China nexus into that of Indo-USA-Japan-NATO one to surround China?


Are we a simple puppets in hands of imperialism economically (FDI), politically (Nepal policy), militarily? Do the working class, peasants understand this or busy in day to day survival management and even beyond ‘our’ grasp, as it is the job of our rulers to take care of our foreign policy?

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