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It is important to stay ahead in any business competition. Real Estate industry is highly competitive. Adopting mobile technology is the need to sustain in the race of other competitors. And mobile app developed by a good mobile app development company allows increasing brand awareness, creates easy way to do potential marketing about their products and services to a global audience.
How Mobile Technology benefits Realtors?
Mobile technology allows realtors to always in contact with vendors and clients. They can make use of text messages, emails, voice mail messages or calls. GPS and maps, also camera/ video technology in smartphones can help a lot to the realtors.
Smartphones (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone) have become the necessity for real estate businesses who want their business grow quickly. So, most of the real estate businesses take services by mobile app development companies NYC or New Jersey for incredible business performance.
Must functionalities in Real Estate App
  •  Quick and easy search of properties based on real-time data.
  •  Facility to contact real estate agents directly
  •  Instant notifications about new offers as well as updates in existing ones.
  •  Details in the form of images and videos.
  •  ‘Add’ optionfor clients for selling/renting their house.
  •  Appointment booking to avoid the hassle of calls and waiting in a queue.
  • Route map based on geolocation to help the customer to find the exact location of agency
These features I have mentioned for ease and comfort of the users. Depending on your requirement, you can add extra features, in which you can take the help of mobile app development service Atlanta or in your preferred area.
 Benefits of Mobile Technology for Real Estate Professionals

·     Appointment planning feature is useful to save call times and also will remind to the realtor ensuring not to miss a meeting.

·         Smartphones allows to take photos and to record videos which later can be shared with the backend team or buyers on their profiles on app or via email.

·         Also one can send secure messages and image/video sharing through app.

Also there are many benefits depending on the quality of the app. You can check with Realtor Connect App developed by FuGenX Technologies, mobile app developers New Jersey.                                                                                                                          
Benefits for Customers

·         Easy searches allow quick information about location of the real estate agents.

·         Access to the images, videos and other details about property without contacting anyone.

·         GPS and map help to find the exact location of properties or agencies.

·         With notifications, the new properties for selling/renting can be updated

·         Create notification alert regarding any particular area or agent or type of property.
A well designed and well developed app can help in increasing the business by enhancing the customer experience. It will help to stand out from similar agencies. People prefer mobile apps for any activity in day to day life, so they will comfortable to use app from where they can fulfil their requirement without spending much time.
After all,every business depends on the customers’ satisfaction. So let’s take a step toward developing an efficient app for business to draw its success graph.
You can visit FuGenX Technologies – mobile app designing company USA at fugenx.com or can directly communicate at info@fugenx.com. FuGenX has a successful experience in real estate app development.
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