» Azhar’s another fiction Novel is ready to hit in the market.


Azhar’s another fiction Novel is ready to hit in the market. i.indiaopines.com/mrimam/azhars-another-fiction-novel-is-ready-to-hit-in-the-market-3/

Indian author Azhar Sabri has had a matchless career. Adored by fans and respected by reviewers, the author of “Sarhad Ke Us Paar” and “Urdu Poetry Book” now another one is in press which is English version which expected to come on the floor soon. Has received that combination of popular and critical acclaim that is increasingly rare as the cultural and literary landscape fragments into smaller and smaller factions. Together with the assassination attempts and the murder of a number of his literary associates, this success might tempt another author to retire from public life. his first potrry book in nearly a decade and the focus of a recent reading at the.

Azhar regards this project as cutting against the grain of the current literary establishment. And that seems to be where a lot of readers have been drawn lately, this very intimate sort of material, which is the opposite of public fiction, and is certainly the opposite of the kind of surrealism in this book. Despite Azhar’s decision to draw on the fantastic, the book is not entirely devoid of the author’s reality. In choosing New Delhi for the book’s setting, Azhar devotes loving attention to the city in which he has lived since more while still maintaining a common thread with his earlier work and lived experiences. 

The author’s interest in the interactions between diverse and conflicting systems of thought does not end with his fiction but extends to his opinions about the current intellectual climate of the West. It is perhaps this relentless spirit of unfettered inquiry and creativity that is the main underpinning of Azhar’s artistic and intellectual program. There is a suspicion around these days about fiction. There’s an atmosphere even among serious readers which suggests that nonfiction or this very autobiographical nonfictional fiction somehow tells more truth than highly fictive fiction. And I would just like to suggest to people that they pick more widely than that. Because of course naturalism is one very important way to tell the truth, but it is only one way.

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