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Another self-help book, In the world of writing but a science fiction & suspense love story is emerging thru. The book named “Who Hacked my brain” in Hindi has been authored by Kumar Gaurav. This book claims that readers will experience a journey from farther planet to the earth and experience various scientific discoveries. In the process of this journey of reading the impulse of getting successful by doing something impersonal for society will be transmuted by the reading itself. This book claims that the mental laziness must be vanished after reading this book.“Who Hacked my brain” in Hindi has been authored by Kumar Gaurav

Since this is a love story the interest will bind the readers to read it till the last chapter and once the book is closed after complete reading, the person will not remain the same. This book claims to teach many tools in relation with personal fulfillment, behavioral etiquettes, about goal setting, mind science, and brain power. As mentioned in above line this is the package bound in one science fiction love story. And the topping of its’ suspense keeps the reader thrilled throughout its read. Which is definitely something amazing experience. As of now, only Hindi readers can take benefit for this. Not only this, book claims about the major problem with the world are suffering from procrastination will also be resolved merely by reading this book. This book transmutes the urge of getting things done in now with a balanced analysis of priority of the activities listed in to do. This book claims to hold the power to create great scorers, employees, employers, business persons, successful sales persons or a fortune creator. This claim is something incredible and same time unbelievable.

The author of this book is settled in Pune, India and is an IT professional. This creation has involved a lot of personal research, past studies, experience and experiment in the field of mind science and brain power. His inclination towards mind science made him write this book as a story. In many of his personal interviews, he said, “to ready many, had to write one” J

The most important factor of this book is about its’ main character, Raj. This book is a journey of a common man Raj, who is an IT sales person. He is quite busy in his 9 to 5 job. Despite this, his dream to be successful keeps him busy at night doing some scientific inventions. His continuous effort and learning in the course of battling with failure, allowed his to emerge as a billionaire finally. What actually he learned in the process and demonstrated in front of the world, book talked about it. This is thought provoking that even though his all idea were stolen, he managed to become billionaire and the same time a scientist. To know all the secret behind “how”, it generates interest to read this small novella.

The declarations made are so powerful and fascinating but how much truth is there in this we shall come to know only after reading this. Will this open the secret to success in the reality or not readers of this book will certainly comment?


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