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More than 80% of population of our country read Newspaper for the sake of knowledge about our country, world and some informative articles. Though style of newspapers has changed in recent times.Newspaper which was made to make people aware about the happenings in their town, city , country or world , slowly started to publish an informational page naming that magazine page.

This so called magazine page consists information other than that of daily news like bollywood actors, actresses, a regular long or short story, some religious information, a new tourist place explored ( Sunday edition), a special page dedicated to kids called kids corner.

Gradually with the passage of time this so called magazine page has started printing advertisements like hair oil, slimmimg medicines, and especially medicines related to sex problems.These kind of advertisements cover more than 60% of area of the page  which is made for some other purpose like kids, or religeous or stories.

When we are paying RS.3-4 daily for the newspaper and Rs 1-2 extra for this magazine page, don’t we have the right to read the articles with some healthy information in it?

Either newspaper editors don’t have time to publish good articles or they are simply not interested in quality of articles or interviews published in these magazine pages.Afterall newspapers are the first thing which we came across at the start of the day. And it is still most informative brochure to the places where internet has not reached yet.


 No doubt newspapers earn a lot from these kind of advertisements. But they should fix a certain amount of area and that is also the relevant kind of area to print these kind of advertisements. They should concentrate more on the content for which the page is made and customers can get healthy and information and worth of their precious money. Afterall people buy newspaper to read news not advertisements.

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