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Entrepreneurship is a journey which may start single handed-ly, but on the way, you end up hiring people who would aid to make your dream come reality, scale in the long run. The team which you end up creating is under the growth spree replaces your entrepreneur tag with that of a boss or call it a leader.

Are you mulling over the dilemma as to what kind of leadership style should you adopt? A friendly attitude or a formal, which is more effective? The bottom line is, is your style motivating and inspiring your team in the right direction?

Choose for yourself! There are a few characteristics which bad leaders possess, see with which ones do you relate yourself with.

# Traits

·        Motivate by hook or by crook; it is okay to intimidate or manipulate

·        Demands the team to respect  

·        Tendency to Micromanage i.e. to oversee the work of the team closely

·        Set unrealistic deadlines

·        Nag about employees for not knowing it all.


These are clear traits for a bad boss. Being such a boss might hinder your journey towards growth. You could choose to be either an over a friendly boss or someone your employees can’t imagine interacting on a social level, cause what matters is the following:

·   Do you support them through their thick and thin?

·   Do you help them grow, with a motto ‘Grow and let Grow’?

·   Do you support their career goals?

·  Do you give them the right credit and recognition?

·    Earn respect from your team.


The crux is, it is immaterial what kinds of personality do you possess. A great boss isn’t born but created with practice. You can be a great boss too by adopting the right skills in your day to day activities.


# Prioritise the Caring

The best way to emerge as a good boss in the long term is to prioritize in the long run. Keep the mission for the top, then the team followed by the individuals. It is about becoming caring. They would aim to draft out a viable, sensible plan to tackle problems.

Caring can take any form; it does not stop a good boss from instilling disciplinary measures when required.


# Practice is the Key

Becoming a good boss is like a physical workout, you strengthen the core by working out regularly your leadership muscles. It’s about learning the skills with practice. The ability to take a good decision, confidence, ideas, prompt decisions, etc. are not in-built they are developed over a period.


# Engage the Team

At times it is evitable to step outside the normal routine by boosting employee engagement. Organize a social meet, be it dinners or some non- work activity; or celebrate achievements or have appreciation events; or organize some off- site holiday. Such interactions outside the formal lines resolve a lot many work issues.


Being a good boss is about being a great leader. They not only focus on elevating their start-up but everyone connected with it. They are the ones,‘ Who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way’ – JHON C. MAXWELL


About the Author,

 Cs Nimisha Gupta


has an unleashed zest for everything creative. Is a budding writer, inspired from coffee beans to pen down, when the world sleeps. It’s not about the destination rather the journey. #MusicBuff #Coffeeholic #ChocoManiac #Trailblazer.. Affiliated with QuickCompany which deals in Company Registration, Trademark registration, Trademark Public Search, Service Tax Registration, MSME, Import -Export Code and Other Legal Activities.

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