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On July 1, 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched  ‘Digital India’ programme and just two weeks later on July 2015, India celebrated its first World Youth Skills Day. These two programmes face a daunting challenge to revolutionize the very fabric of Indian society by expanding its horizons both in outlook and approach. The events also saw the unveiling of the “National Skill Development Mission” in India, which targets to train over 40 Crore Indian people in developing, enhancing, and polishing their skills to ensure they are not left behind in this increasingly globalized world of cut throat competition, and most importantly, to provide the youths a much needed opportunity to earn their livelihood with respect and confidence. Only time will tell the outcome of these magnanimous programmes being run by the BJP. But in order to ensure that PM Modi’s vision turns into a living reality, one can’t afford to ignore the pressing needs of the hour, which is to provide the underprivileged Indian youths, who are far removed from the digital world, an opportunity to get acquainted with the basic skills of using Internet. The bigger and larger dream can only be attained if we take one step at a time, and it is here that Vinod Sonkar, the sitting MP from Kaushambhi, needs to be whole heartedly congratulated for his far-fetched vision and also for battling it out all alone against the adamant authorities of the University of Allahabad, and forcing them to follow the MHRD Ministry’s instructions to conduct offline entrance test.

Vinod Sonkar is a politician who not only understands youths’ demands, but also supports their good cause. He is a hyperactive politician. It was Sonkar along with Keshav Prasad Maurya, who had played active role in showing the former VC of AU, the exit gate. Vinod Sonkar has struck again this time. The MP is completely correct in supporting the students’ cause because most of the students appearing in the online entrance test come from rural background where even the basic amenities like roads and electricity do not exist, forget about learning internet. The University witnessed much hullaballoo during the last few weeks over this soaring issue, but congratulations to Vinod Sonkar for taking this matter head on and winning the agitated students’ trust. Let the youth be given a chance to acquire some basic skills of the digital world. Probably, the Kaushambhi MP, Vinod Sonkar is cognizant of the fact that Rome was not built in a day, in the same way, we can’t digitalize such a big country like India in seven-eight months. Allow the Central Government to work on these schemes for a longer period of time, and positive results will ensue.


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