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The fact about the mothers of Akbar’s children is not given in the chronicles of Akbar’s reign like Akbarnama,Tabaqat I Akbari,Darbari I Akbari,Muntakhab Ut Tawarikh,Father Monserrate account on Akbar and Akbar and the Jesuits.

 Blochmann in Ain i Akbari had given an account of it.


The mother’s identity has been given in Jahangir’s Autobiography-JAHANGIRNAMA.(Tuzuki I Jahangiri)


There is no evidence about the mother’s identity in Shahjahan’s or Aurangazeb’s chronicle.


Prince SALIM(Emperor Jahangir): First surviving son of Emperor Akbar.

              Jahangir’s mother was Mariam Zamani,the daughter of Raja Bharmal of Amber.He was born on 31st August,1569.As a custom Akbar went to meet  infant Salim after a long delay.

                                                       The mother of Salim to be Raja Bharmal’s daughter was recorded only in one book of the mughal era. That book is Khulasat-ut-Tawarikh, written by a Punjab Historian Sujan Rai Bandar, during Aurangazeb’s reign in 1695.He had written about the  history of Hindustan,in which Mughal history was just a part of the book.Sujan Rai mentions in his book that the Amber princess ,the third wife of Akbar was Salim’s mother.First of all Amber princess was the fourth wife.He had missed the second wife who was the granddaughter of Munim khan whose wedding was celebrated in 1557.He had missed it because he was not in the Mughal court.No other historical chronicle of Akbar or Jahangir had given the identity of Salim’s mother.Jahangir refers his mother as Mariam Zamani in his memoir and does not gives her identity.He mention Raja Bharmal’s daughter to be a lady in his fathers harem. He does not mention Rajabharmal’s family members as his mothers relation.The Rajput chronicle is silent about it.Akbarnama mentions about the Jaisalmer princess,wife of Akbar giving birth to a girl baby and passing away in 1 year,but is silent about Amber princess giving birth to Salim.Since Sujan Rai,a historian during Mughal era had documented that Raja Bharmals daughter was Salims mother we will bow to it .

                           Mariam zamani died in 1623 as documented in Jahangirnama


Shahzadah KHANAM:

                                                      She was born through a concubine.She was born on 21st November 1569.The kid was handed over to Mariyam Makani- Akbars mother as she was an elderly person and could take better care of the kid than a concubine.One more fact behind this decision of Akbar is,Mariam Makani had lost her two daughters(Akbars own sisters) when she travelled from Kabul to India.The girls were within 10 years.May be based on it Akbar had handed over  his daughter to Mariyam makani.

                                                        Khanam’s mother died during Akbar’s reign in 1599.



                                      He was born through a concubine.He was born on june 7th 1570.He passed away at the age of 30 years.

                                          Akbar celebrated  the birth of both Salim and Murad in the same way so that Murad does not get a feeling that he was born through a concubine. 

                                      Prince Murad born to Salima sultana begum was given only by the historian Vincent who had written the book in the 18th century after the mughal era.Vincents book concentrates more on Akbar’s acheivements rather than his personal life.No historical chronicle of Mughal era says Murad was born to Salima.This shows future historians can do mistakes ,so it is better we follow historical chronicles.



                                        He was born through a concubine on september 9,1572.He was left under the care of Raja Bharmal for a period of 6 months.When Akbar went for the conquest of Gujarat he took his pregnant wife with him.Since she came near child birth and could not withstand the journey,Akbar left her in saint Daniyals house in Ajmere and went to Gujarat with his harem.In the saint house Daniyal was born.After one month Akbar send his son to Amber which was nearest to Ajmere. Daniyal was left under the care of Raja Bharmals wife who was an elderly person.This Akbar did for his sons safety and also to honour RajaBharmal.He picked up Daniyal after 6 months when he went to Agra.

         Daniyals mother died in 1596 as documented in Akbarnama


           There are also historical records that Daniyals mother could  be the legendary Anarkali.The first historical mention of Anarkali was found in the travelogue of the British tourist and trader William Finch,who came to Lahore during 1608 to 1611.According to Finch’s account Anarkali was one of the wives of emperor Akbar and mother of his son Daniyal sha.Akbar developed suspicion that Anarkali had incestuous relationship with Prince Salim(Jahangir) upon which he entombed her within a wall of his palace where she died.Jahangir as a token of love ordered a magnificent tomb built for her.Edward Terry who visited a year after William Finch writes that Akbar had threatened to disinherit Jahangir,for his liaison with Anarkali,the emperors most beloved wife.But on his death bed Akbar repealed it( Early Travel in India, 1583-1619.Page no 166,330.)

But the account of the British traveller is falsified when one comes to know that Daniyal’s mother died in 1596 which does not match the dates inscribed on the sarcophagus that is 1599.


Shahzadah SHAKRU-UN-NISSA begum:

                                                                          Her mothers name was Beiby Daulat begum.



                                                                         She was born to the same Beiby Daulat begum.She was born on 22 december,1584


The account of his last two daughters is given in Jahanginama and Ain I Akbari.Historical chronicles are clear about it and all of them coincide.(This wife seem to be Akbar’s favourite for two daughter are born through her and when Akbar was 42.)


Wheeler M Thackston had also translated Jahangirnama,his version is same as Tuzuki i Jhangiri.

in  that  he has documented that Shahzadah Khanam,Prince Murad,Prince Daniyal was born through concubine and Beiby Daulat begum was the mother of Shakru un nissa and Arum banu begum.




                                                                        Jahangir wrote his autobiography himself. Once he wrote the first 12 years ,he made several copies.He gave the first copy to Shahjahan.Few copies of it had been traced after 300 years,in which Tuzuki is the authentic version.The copies that has been traced were translated.

                                    The Tuzuki I Jahangiri is the authentic version of Jahangirnama  proved by the historians.Tuzuki was first translated from the edition of Sayaid Ahmad by Roger and then edited and released by Henry Bevridge.Henry bevridge has edited Tuzuki using two excellent manuscript.One manuscript was from the British museum translated by Willim Irisine which was a very excellent and good version.The other one was in India and this was also an excellent version The  events Jahangir had written in Tuzuki coincides with the events written by Foreign travelers in their book.These travelers were there  in Jahangir’s court.The details about the kids of Akbar’sand Jahangir’s is the same in both Tuzuki i Jahangiri and Akbarnama proving Tuzuki to be the authentic version.The mothers identity alone is not given in Akbarnama but it is given in Tuzuki ,all the other details of both the book ,regarding the kids matches.

                                       There was one more version of Jahangirnama first identified which was translated by David price.That version had been proved to be the unauthentic version,manipulated by Nurjahan for the sake of her son in law Sharyar who was born through a concubine.In order to hide her son in laws parentage that version has been tampered. Wherever Jahangir had mentioned concubine names of ladies were given.That version also gives a lot of praises of Nurjahan and her family.Historians have clearly proved Tuzuki to be the authentic version and David price version to be unauthentic one . 


Disclaimer:The information is from historical chronicles of Akbar’s and Jahangir’s reign i.e from 15th and 16th century historical chronicle and not from books written by later historians with fiction or by my own imagination or my own interpretation of lines of historical chronicles. People can go through historical books like Jahangirnama and Akbarnama and Ain i Akbari which are available in the net.



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