» Anushka and Virat – Another Story in Memes


Anushka and Virat – Another Story in Memes

One can’t ever tire of the Anushka Sharma – Virat Kohli jokes doing the rounds. Twitterati and related social pages went  crazy with jokes after Virat’s amazing single run performance in Sydney.
We now bring you some more to feed your ticklish side.
Love, love me do, you know I love you do – often caught by the shutterbugs are these two love birds who seem to make a great couple, jokes aside.
After the Match-Virat
You get the drift? Speak with a Bengali accent (like a Rasgulla is in your mouth) and there you have it, a joke reminding you to lay off our two stars! Post his world cup performance, Virat and Anushka have had to bear the brunt of so much!
ANushka after World Cup
Well, Anushka had something to be happy about at least after Virat’s performance…
Anushka Gets Back
Well now, one can’t blame her for feeling like this….
RCB and Rain Anushka Virat
Can’t ignore the suggestion from the fans, can we?
Anushka Virat Power of Love
A lot of people do believe in Lady Luck! 
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