More real than real reporting.

» More real than real reporting.


More real than real reporting.

This a book, is a favorite, because some where it tells me that the Indian writer has gone beyond the Idiotic romance books, and Indian English writing has finally come of age. — In general about favorites–one favourite does not suffice, by the time one gets to be 50 which is what I will be in an year, we keep adding favourites. Our favourite book, is always the book that speaks most directly at us at particular stage in our lives. And lives change. We have other favourites that gives us what we most need at that particular time. But we never lose the old favourites. They’re with us. we just sort of accumulate them.

Vikram Chandra's "The Geek Sublime"
Italo Calvino's "The Complete Cosmicomics" now available in their entirety
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