Mrs.Farmer and Mr.Consultant.

» Mrs.Farmer and Mr.Consultant.


Mrs.Farmer and Mr.Consultant.

People who LIKE books have a favourite , people who LOVE books couldn’t possibly choose. Well so here is another of my favourites. This is what makes the book my favourite. The language is great, The wit and humor is excellent.
…Evey one has their own theory about everything, and they believed that their trugh was the only one that mattered. They spent days, nights weeks and years talking,never accepting that good or bad, an idea only exists when someone tries to put it into practise. This book by Durgadas Sampath chronicles a consultant Raju and his wife’s diverse approach to life and their, their concern for each other, through a series of experiences that takes place when Raju applies his Mangament consultation theroies to his wifes farming venture and how each time her seeming scatterbrain notions make his sound training fall right on its face.

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