Telling tales of the train traveller

» Telling tales of the train traveller


Telling tales of the train traveller

Anupama Sharma’s Railonama is something that I really liked, she has collected memoirs of various travellers and curate them into a lovely anthology. Lalu Prasad Yadav says Indian Railways has immense untapped potential, in way it true. It is also true that it is a great place to document human bonding and relationship.
There was this old movie called Toofan Mail, where the title track talks of the various people travelling in the train, “Ek Duniya hai toofan mail” train is a world in itself and the nicest part of being in a train journey is it allows you to be there. At least for the moment each of us knows where we are going. At the end of the energy we go back with memories and what interests me energies that we are not even aware of alters our energy.

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