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After multiple breaks from the movies due to some personal reasons and a battle with cancer, prominent actor, Manisha Koirala is finally back with Sunaina Bhatnagar’s directorial debut. The actor, who has been praised for her work in the past, is receiving rave bollywood movie reviews for her latest outing as well.


Dear Maya, is truly special because it marks the return of a stellar performer to the silver screen. It focuses on themes like the importance of hope, redicovering life and the dynamics of human relationships. The plot of this  new bollywood movie revolves around a lonely middle-aged woman who has confined herself to the four walls of a deserted mansion for over two decades. She lives there with her two dogs, some birds and a faithful helper. Her sixteen year-old neighbor, Anna, and her mischevious best friend, Ira, are curious about her lifestyle. On learning that her solitude is the result of tragic incidents in the past, the two decide to spice up her life by writing letters in the name of a non-existent admirer.


Dear Maya


The movie released on June 2, 2017 and it also stars Shreya Singh Chaudhary, Madiha Imam and Iravati Harshe in pivotal roles. The three actors are a delight to watch on screen. Most critics have claimed that Manisha Koirala’s has delivered her career best performance in this fantastic movie. Even though she does not say much most of the time, she delivers a fine, heart-winning and sincere act. With an actor of her calibre, words are obviously just a mere formality. However, the one disappointment that many have raised with regard to this movie is the fact that the actor does not have enough screen time.


The director of the film, has assisted Imtiaz Ali in the past. She has managed to handle the crucial elements of the film with utmost care. What works in the movie is the fact that it does not have a conventional story. Instead it has a different yet intriguing story; a kind that has never been witnessed in Bollywood before. The ratings are a reflection of that. As most of us would already know, english film reviews usually decide the fate of a film in the West. Likewise, in India, what critics say is rather important. It determines how well a film will eventually do. Luckily for this movie, the reviews have been positive and very much in favor of the film.




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