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The Baywatch remake that everyone is eagerly waiting for is almost here! And, am I excited? Well, that would be an understatement. Obviously, I’m. And, even you should be. The reboot or remake season seems to be on an all time high and Hollywood seems to be cashing in on it big time. After all, if you happen to be laughing your way to the bank thanks to a trend then where’s the harm?

Then, the question remains what really makes the new rebooted Baywatch franchise so enticing? Well, for starters if you have seen the trailer, which if you haven’t, then you must, is filled with laughs and beautiful people(lifeguards) doing what they do best,  save lives in style.


But, amidst all the optimism there is one particular thing that might not work in the movie’s favor. What really will be difficult for the movie is satiating the appetite of the fans who are expecting the new one to be true to the original. And, this will only lead to disappointment. What many don’t realize is that such expectations are not really realistic. The whole point being, an adaptation of any content should also keep the new trends in mind. The trailer of the new Baywatch seems to hint that the movie will be creating the nostalgia factor but will also be adding its own spin on certain things.


If you are to make any franchise a money minter than one of the most important ingredients to have is Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). Add, the guy in your movie and people will head over to the theaters in droves.

Zack Efron is also there and he seems to be spouting some funny one-liners but what really keeps you glued to the trailer is none other than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.  


The trailer is all that you expect it to be which is fun and filled with humor. And, this is all the reason for you to be excited about the movie.


Hey, but, that is not all. The trailer also gives you a glimpse of our very own Priyanka Chopra and seems to be the antagonist of the film. it is quite evident from the trailer that she will be playing the antagonist.  


So, if the movie is as good as the trailer than all expectations will be met.


Baywatch is directed by Seth Gordon and stars Dwayne Johnson, and the trailer points towards a movie that seems to be a fun-filled ride.




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