» I’d Rather be a Muslim in India Than in Any Other ‘Muslim’ Country


I’d Rather be a Muslim in India Than in Any Other ‘Muslim’ Country

This story was shared by Aashiya Begum in Indiatimes Facebook page

I am a girl who was born and brought up in a Muslim family in India. And in all the 21 years of my life, I have never once felt harassed by or discriminated against my religious counterparts. In fact the only trouble I ever had was being repeatedly asked questions like “Why do you not fast/ wear a veil?” by Hindus and Muslims alike.

Every single time I happen to read news articles (like a few I have mentioned below) stating what is happening in the Muslim world, I leave a huge sigh of relief and feel grateful that I was born in India and no place else.
I do not wear the Hijab, I do not pray five times a day and I celebrate Holi and Diwali with the same enthusiasm as Eid and Bakri Eid.

In India, I have no fear; I have the freedom to choose what I wish to follow and what I don’t. I am not afraid of being killed for seeking education, I do not get stigmatized for not wearing the Hijab, I am free to drive alone without the fear of being lashed and my career is not confined to only a few gender segregated job opportunities.

To sum it up, “I’d rather be a Muslim in India than in any other ‘Muslim’ country.”

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  1. She is right. No country… Just no place other than this particular land is the only place where a muslim girl, or boy can live his/her life freely. Ppl from other community ask if we are fasting in Ramadan, they wonder why am I still in office on Fridays… This is such a wonderful gift Almighty gave us to live on. Thank u God.. Thank u India.