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I’m isolated

That was my first day out after my purpose on this earth was over, directing myself to place where i need to be rested. It was an adventure,travelling such a longer distance for I’m roaming around the citys’ corner to find myself dumped underneath. Boundless inside with happiness that i was free enough to enjoy the fresh air for the time first. The passer-by who crossed me kept his fingers crossed on his nostrils contemplating on my looks I found myself clean but what was the reason ? for them to behave in such a rude manner, it’s disgusting as they started to isolate after I fulfilled their works.Taking deep exploration I widened my eyesight found it was not the fault in me but the channel i chosed to travel my destiny. I was intact to those eyes who never bothered to research on my looks . Still it was embarassing environment posed on me. It was my neighbours in my travel who made themselves look patchy with unclean habits, they smelled worse and was stinking badly ugggh !!!! is this the fate ever at any circumstances that we make others in a unhappy situation when we cross them . I was ultimately towards the city dump yard for i’m the unlucky ‘polythene bag’ came out from the household to local municipal trashbox yesterday. For the mobs who buy me from the petty shops make yourself aware that i’m not the one who gets faded so sooner as you think. If i’m the one to carry all your goods ensure me to trash seperately as non- degradable till the end of my life. I promise myself I wouldn’t mix with the feeds of livestock making congestions to their death. I would definetly not mask any bikers and make them to fatal accidents. Better neglect creating me, substitute me with decomposable carriers and put your economy back to the track . Try saving little pocket monteries rather spending on penalties in affording me, the bearer.


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  1. IndiaOpines says:

    well written – the saga of the polythene bag !

    1. subashini says:

      thank you 🙂