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Emancipation of small and marginal farmers in India by Corporate www.farmeremncipation.in

You are a great Indian company doing great business that contributes to the GDP. In the agriculture sector, I have a suggestion that you could mull over. Instead of dealing with selling seeds, providing inputs etc., you can do a great job of creating farmer collectives and create a producer company with numerous farmers. Farmer’s lands can be professionally managed by installing a vibrant and professional team and create wealth for the Producer Company. This name is familiar undoubtedly and you will be wondering as to how to get small farmers into a collective! There are difficulties and I am trying various means to locate one for launching a professionally competent Producer Company. You have all the resources to make agriculture produces, market locally, export and possess an excellent Management wherewithal to conduct business successfully. 

The advantage I see is that you will get to produce the crop you need to market either locally or export, farmers benefit by getting wages all their lives and in addition receive annual dividends. They will give their best productivity and this arrangement will not hinder getting farm labor, which is causality today. I see a win/win situation and most importantly, you can contribute to the PM’s vision of doubling farmer’s income by 2020. One successful venture will fire interest in many in the country.

My suggestion is that you could try one such example to evaluate its success. I am in the process of locating a suitable collective and if you can join hands to further, it can be worth a trial. I shall be just as a volunteer and have no monetary interest in making this suggestion.

Can I know your mind in this suggestion? My website, http://www.farmeremancipation.in will elucidate



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