» Liquor ban on Highways: A Judicial Extra vaganza


Liquor ban on Highways: A Judicial Extra vaganza rajankila.blogspot.in/2017/04/liquor-ban-on-highways-judicial-extra.html

The Supreme Court’s (SC’s) ban of liquor sale within 500 meters of national and state highways is a classic case of unwarranted judicial law making and flagrant violation of the well established doctrine of separation of powers among the organs of governance. It is a ludicrous judicial encroachment on the pristine powers of the legislature.


No doubt, the increase in vehicle accidents and deaths due to illegal liquor use by injudicious drivers is a matter of serious concern for all. But that is to be sternly dealt with both by the legislative and executive branches of government rather than by the court. By callously encroaching upon the domain of government or legislature, the judiciary quite often shows its undue and unacceptable gallantry. The ban order – that create more problems than it solves – may not make the judiciary more sacrosanct.

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