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5 Basic Tips to Safe on the Internet



  1. Choose strong passwords.


Passwords are like the key to your accounts it’s Better to choose strong password which contains at least one Upper case, some digits along with One or Two Symbols it’s then Difficult to break by the hackers. When choosing a password, you want to make sure you choose one that is unique, strong, and not easily guessed by strangers or those close to you




  1. Careful about Sharing Your Identity


Careful about Sharing Your Identity or Agreeing to terms. When you sign up for any  programs, or agree to anything, read the fine print. If you do not want to receive junk mail or get put on a telemarketer list, look for a small box near the bottom of the page that asks if you want to receive information and offers from other companies. The best sites will have a statement listed that they will not sell your name to other companies Many of these websites can put adware on your computer that tracks your movements and browser habits. Use caution when you come upon those kinds of websites. Some sites require you to give all your information to get the product. Only fill in required fields that are marked with an asterisk (*). If the info box does not have an asterisk, it is optional and you can leave it blank.


3.  Keep private your personal details to strangers


Don’t give your full name, address, or phone number to anyone online that you don’t trust or know. This is especially important in chat rooms, when negotiating jobs or deals, or making plans through meet-up sites.

  • Be careful when making friends on the internet. Many great friendships can be cultivated through social media, but there are many people who pretend to be someone they have fake account.
  • Giving personal details to strangers not only compromises your accounts and identity, but your physical safety as well. While most people on the internet may be benign and friendly, you have to be aware of the possibility of people using chat rooms, social media, and other websites to collect information that could lead to physical harm at your place of employment or at home.
  • Always check the current status of websites when you shop. If the site has a horrible design or pop ups, it might not be legitimate. Beware of sites that don’t allow you to pay through things like PayPal or with a credit card or any other register banks.


4. You Must have multiple e-mail accounts.


  • This is better practice  to have multiple Email accounts with different service provider but the major one is Gmail. Multiple e-mails help you separate different aspects of your life, gives you official and non-official addresses, and can help you cut down on spam and privacy issues.


5. Use an anti-virus program, an anti-spyware program, and a firewall.


Your Website or PC Surfing the internet without these things is unsafe and invites spam, hackers, and viruses onto your computer. Having these safeguards on your computers protects you from things you might not even realize are threats. Make sure to keep them updated to catch the latest threats.

  • Many Virus like Win Sality, Warms,Trojans, spyware, malware, and viruses can not only make you vulnerable to identity theft and invasions of privacy, but they also can significantly bog down your computer and slow your processor. Anti-virus programs and anti-spyware programs protect your devices from these computer diseases, keeping your system healthy. There are many different programs available to purchase, but there are also many available for free online.
  • The active firewall is hardware or software that creates a barrier between your network and the outside cyber world, allowing only certain data to cross.[13]You can use either the firewall that comes standard with your operating system or a third-party software program to your liking.
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