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Flawless India to face Champions Trophy 2017 final against Pakistan i.indiaopines.com/rizzorocks/flawless-india-to-face-champions-trophy-2017-final-against-pakistan/

After a nail-biting display of events during the game against England to book their place on the final greenfield, Pakistan is now set to face India at the Oval.

On what seemed like an almost impossible feat, Pakistan outwitted the English legends on what seemed like a miracle performed by Sarfraz Ahmed. India on the other hand, as led by Virat Kohli bowled out Bangladesh for 267 and had 9 more wickets to spare.

When asked about Sunday’s game however, Virat Kohli announces that he is not thinking about that yet. He is thinking things through one step at-a-time. He claims that nothing much is to be changed with their strategy, they will begin with slow turns on the grass to pick up momentum and roughed it up mid-way with their reverse swing-bowlers.

Anil Kumble claims that scoring against Pakistan will not be difficult as he has one of the best batsman in Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli, an incomparable all round in Ravindra Jadeja, and a strong arm bowler in Bhuvaneswar Kumar. All these are essential to winning Sunday’s game.

Pakistan on the other hand, plans to execute the same finesse that they displayed against England. Hasan ali, who is Umar Akmal’s replacement says that he is confident that they will perform well against their rival. He is confident with their strong-willed pitchers and bowlers, and with Hafeez on their team, having scored 77 balls in their win against England, will do well on the field. Sarfraz Ahmed, Pakistan Team Captain says that they only need to do what they have to do on the grass, nothing else. “If they do what we’ve been trained to do, and do it well, the odds will on our favor come Sunday, for now, I have to get my team to rest to prepare for that.”

Canada and Europian fans will be able to get on this action on Sunday for the Ind vs Pak final Live streaming straight from the Oval field on YuppTV.

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