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Now a day’s Showrooming is very often in all retail stores like supermarket, electronic stores and apparel stores. Due to this, retailers’ profit is decreasing and somewhere they are incurring a loss as well. So it has been essential for retailers to fight against Showrooming. Mobile app is an incredible innovation of the decade that has helped thousands of businesses successfully combat serious business challenges. The same mobile app can work amazingly for retailers to combat show rooming. You can do it more easily by collaborating with the best mobile apps development company Saudi Arabia. Now let’s see how mobile app helps retailer’s combat show rooming?

Customer loyalty

With a mobile app for a store, customers can get personalized offers and discounts directly on their palm. It will create more interest in your products.

A Foresee Results survey states that 62% of shoppers are interested to buy through the retailer’s app. So the best mobile app development  would be worth for both the customers as well as retailers.

Informed store associates

Now a days, people search extensively before purchasing any product. So the app is more helpful for the customers as they can see the overall information of any product, as well as compare that with other similar products in the store. They can also get benefited from the customers’ reviews.

Compared to the information given in the app, the salespersons in the store have less information to detail customers. When it comes to about technical specifications, salespersons face difficulties to convey it and convince customers, which will pull customers towards the online world.

Mobile payment:

Another fruitful possibility to fight against Showrooming is mobile payment. This has the potential to greatly reduce the show rooming by combining payment with coupons, rewards and loyalty programs that incentivize individuals to shop in brick-and-mortar store instead of online.

Other ways to fight against Showrooming?

·         Brick and mortar retailers can change their policies, i.e. if any customer wants to visit showrooms, he should pay a fixed amount. When coming out of the store, his amount will be refunded or redeemed against the purchase. By doing so, Showrooming could be decreased to a certain extent. Sometime it could impact customers negatively. So do it strategically.

·         The retailers should update their offers on social media networks like Face book, LinkedIn, and Twitter, which will make customers grab offers and discounts immediately. It will build loyalty as well.

·         Brick and mortar retailers can also provide free delivery

Want to Develop a Mobile Application to Avoid Showrooming?

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