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On July 12, 2010, Google announced the availability of App Inventor for Android. Within this short period of time, Android became a leader in the mobile world. Now a day’s, usage of Android phones are increasingly more compared to other phones and also Android mobiles are more affordable than other phones. One more important thing is Android is the most popular mobile platform. By observing this, more people are preferring Android phones. If you want your app needs to be preferred, you have to create more apps for Android with Quality and User friendliness. For that you need to contact with best mobile app Development Company.

FuGenX is one such top mobile app development company in Riyadh Arabia for developing mobile apps for various platforms.

Tips to achieve success with Android App:

Responsive screen size:

Android is an open source platform. Hence the variation of the device screen sizes is not confined to the smartphone. Depends on the handset, the screen resolution differs. So before creating your Android app, you should set the screen sizes according to mobile handsets. By doing this, you can achieve more downloads and more usage.

Language Support:

Before developing the Android app, you should find collect the information on where there is great demand for Android phones. According to that, you must be prepared to make an app available in those regional languages.

Replica of iOS app:

In some of the cases, Android app developers follow iOS design for developing applications for Android platform. Some common iOS app features that are used for Android are static tabs at the bottom, circled rectangles for app icons, and on-screen button.It is better building separated features for Android.

Offline compatibility:

Some of the applications make users get irritated when the internet is lost. So for that reason you should make your app workable even offline. Hence, more people show interest to use the application.

Boost App downloads:

By implementing different app downloads boosters, you can boost the download rate of your Android app. Positive reviews at the Play Store is one of the main factors for boosting app downloads.

Updating App:

Update your app monthly once. Based on reviews and comments you could update your app. By doing this, your will get good results in the app store.

Want to develop a successful Android app?

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