» I have a Plan to develop Snapchat like App. What Do I need to do?


I have a Plan to develop Snapchat like App. What Do I need to do? fugenx.com/mobile-application-development-company-in-saudi-arabia/

Now a day, people spend more than 10% of time of the day to find something new in their smart phone. If you want to create successful app like Snapchat, first you have to come up with an innovative idea, then only it will succeed, otherwise it might fail. If you want to develop an app, you can do it with the help of random app developers, but if you want to develop Snapchat like successful app, you need to contact with best mobile app developers. So behind every successful app, the contribution of app developers is very important.

Now let’s come to your dream. To develop an app like Snapchat, you first need to know what are the steps involved in creating it. Below some tips are given, let’s go through this.

How much it costs and how much time it takes?

This is the most needed question to discuss here. Before developing any app, you need to have at least rough idea about the time and cost it takes. But generally developers can’t say the exact time and cost for completing the project. Depending on your specific requirements, it may take lesser or longer time. But they will try to introduce your app to the market as early as possible. 

Apps development cost is determined on 3main factors:

 Before developing an app you should follow these main factors.

1.       Budget – In initial stage, you should decide the budget and share it with the developers.

2.       Time – You should ask developers about it in starting stage.

3.       The amount of work to be done

 So what is Snapchat app? How much it costs?

The Snapchat is a very popular app launched by When Spiegel and Murphy in 2011 in the name Picaboo. The idea behind this app was really unique. They didn’t do any marketing until the app value reached $19 billion. The app started became popular when Spiegel mother told about the app to her cousin. Then he showed the app to his friends in high school in Southern California.  Then the app started spreading its popularity out very fast like rumour. The Snapchat main purpose is sharing photos and video messages. By November 2012, Snapchat iOS users were sharing 20 million photos per day. Now it might have crossed a billion.

By hearing to this story, we need to understand that marketing is a common thing for any app. More than marketing, designing, and development speak more. Simply developing an app is not enough to turn into a billion dollar business like Snapchat. If you really want to turn your normal business model into billion dollar business, you need to think about the idea which is very unique, and it should be very clear for customers. This also shows how you can make money from Snapchat like app with true efforts. Before developing an app, you should tell app developers that app should be supportive for upgrades, why because you may need to add more features. Snapchat like app is a long term investment.

Can I develop Snapchat like app for all major platforms at the same time?

Yes, it’s good. But think it accordingly your budget, if you create app for all devices like Android, iPhone, and iPad at the same time, the cost could be high. You can follow Snapchat in this, Snapchat first launched on iOS Platform, after they developed app for other major platforms. You can consider cross-platform app development to reduce the cost. But, it can’t give rich user experience like native app. Contact an app developer to discuss about this.

Want to develop a successful app like Snapchat?

If you want to develop an app like Snapchat, you can work with FuGenX Technologies, one of the best mobile app development companies Oman and India. You can reach FuGenX at fugenx.com or info@fugenx.com. FuGenX is a global iOS apps development company Oman. They have strong expertise in developing app like Snapchat.


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