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Low self-esteem can negatively influence your productivity and career in general. These six tips can improve your opinion about yourself.

  1. Remember how you learnt something new in the past

When you learnt something new, you were always nervous and you feeling lack of confidence. You were stressed. It seemed like you were never going to be able to get all that. But step after step, you did manage to learn and now you can think of it as a fun experience.

Now, when you start learning something or doing something for the first time, remember about your past. Remember that nervousness and stress are ok at the beginning.  

  1. Do something that you’ve been putting off for a while

For example, call your old friends, clean the house or in the garden if you have one, arrange your documents, repair your car, cook something healthy and delicious. Doing the task that you’ve been postponing makes you feel proud of yourself and improves your self-esteem

  1. Do something you are good at

At can be anything: swimming, running, dancing, cooking, drawing, writing, etc. If you can, do something that keeps you attentive and makes you forget about everything else. You’ll feel more competent and self-confident. Such things are a great antidote against low self-esteem. Do such things at least once a week.

  1. Relax

If you feel tired and depressed and you don’t feel very good about yourself, the first thing you need to do is to relax. Everyone has certain ways to relax. Some people need to change their activity, some people need a cup of coffee, and some require 10 minutes of peace and quiet. If you haven’t found your way yet, try meditation.  

  1. Think about your achievements

It may seem difficult at first. But time after time, your brain will see a picture of your winnings. The memories of your success can actually improve your self-esteem and direct you to new achievements. You’ve learnt how to drive (after many attempts) or how to play football, you passed many difficult exams, you’ve saved a big sum of money, etc. There can be many different examples.

  1. Remember that you can make mistakes

Remember that your thoughts and memories influence your behavior and even state of health. That’s why if you feel bad, you’ll think of bad things and make it even worse. That’s the case when you need to relax and have the happy thoughts.


After you’ve tried some or all of the tips, think about making them a part of your life. Good self-esteem is not something you are born with; it is the result of the right thoughts and behavior day after day. Good luck!


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