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Defeat Is Not Tired Of Defeating – Poem i.indiaopines.com/sarah/3085/

Few words to think upon…


Don’t know where to go,

Don’t know how to hold on,

She stayed strong,

More than she could,

But this pain is smothering her,

She’d played all faces she could,

Now the mask isn’t sticking anymore,

Now hope is losing hope,

Life is swaying slow,

Its better to cut this rope,

holding on a single thread.

all reasons to smile are fooling her,

escaping the truth has lost her.

The warmth is getting cold,

enough she has put the departure on hold.

marching on trust,

the heart has lost the battle.

Rebuilt and rebroken innocence is defeated,

those smiling eyes speak no more,

belief of feeling the fragrance,

are seeing the petals shedding.

Confidence is seeking guidannce,

From guidance; never guided.

walking is becoming tough,

no matter the road is even or rough.

Happiness is all left to remind the absence of sadness,

Reasons are tired of explaining,

listeners are tired of hearing,

but who knows defeat isn’t tired of defeating.

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