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There comes a time where we all realize the value of friends 🙂

So here are some words as a tribute to them to let us enjoy their friendship 🙂



How can I describe anyone of you?

How can I summarize all the moments spend with you?

If it were two, three or four,

I would have announced to the world for sure.

But they are a million!

The last bench one?

The surprise birthday plan one?

Our idiotic chats one?

Our evil smile one?

Our unending laughter one?

Our getting silly over marks one?

Our so stupid dance one?

Our all of a sudden hi 5 one?

Can u tell me which one?

“Friends” could just be one word,

But salute to SUCH friends!

Who made it one Life, one World!

From Facebook to course book,

They are your saviours to get you out of any hook.

They have kind of a magic wand,

Cause they make us feel stronger as soon as they hold our hand.

U don’t feel things right?

Just have them in sight!

And see how for you, they are ready to fight!

Their availability is 24×7 man!

Where will you find such people on earth?

Who are ready to support you in any and every plan!

A sincere word to God for them,

Because these are very rare, unique and precious gems.

“Don’t let these stupids ever wet their eyes,

Make them believe, that they are the Hero of their lives.”

A deep bitter truth which I wish I didn’t knew,

One day I will have to eat lunch without you,

One day I have to smile remembering you.

One day even the most expensive chocolate won’t taste that sweet,

One day I will flip over pages remembering us sitting on those wooden class seats,

One day I won’t be that careless,

Cause my life without you will be full of stress.

One day your laughter will echo in my ears,

Recalling your joke will bring me a tear.

Our touchwood feeling,

I wish it does not ever loses its meaning.

How will I face that time, huh?

Why did you helped me in everyway?

So one more help I ask from you;

“Help me in one more way.

Do give me that strength today, : )

Do smile every day. ^_^

So that I have a reason to smile on that lonely day on an unknown way” : )

To My Ex....
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