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O.P Jaisha: A Woman Who Created History i.indiaopines.com/sasisrgm/o-p-jaisha-a-woman-who-created-history/

An Indian had broken 2500 year-old record of Philippedes, the man who ran 42 kms without any aid and died, just to convey Greece won the battle of Marathon against Persia. 


Today an Indian woman O. P. Jaisha ran the same distance without a drop of water @ 42°C to keep our nation’s pride. 


But the bureaucratic hegemons in Athletics Federation of India didn’t even provide water and she almost died but her only aim was to complete the Marathon. Worst of all they made her coach a scapegoat and blamed her. How sadistic of them!!


As the man Philippedes himself quoted “We have won”. You are the HERO, #Jaisha. 


Sorry for not knowing you. Sorry for not supporting you. Sorry for failing you. If it’s not for the viewership hungry media we’d have not known you at all. Ashamed of this. 


As a Russian proverb goes ‘A fish rots from its head’. This is very true for the umpteen Nehruvian institutions. 


Ironic pride: 


World’s youngest Marathoner is an Indian boy Budhia @ 3 yrs. World’s eldest Marathoner is a Indian origin man Fauja Singh @100 yrs. The woman who broke 2500 year-old record is also Indian. I feel sad, angry, proud,  shameful, all at the same time.

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