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What is meant by empowerment of women in Andhra Pradesh? What is the qualification of MRS BRAHMANI & MRS DEEPA to be on the dias? Is democracy deteriorated to despotism in AP? Is this a social function? Is the state and country the political property of Chandra Babu Naidu and Venkaiah Naidu?  There are better women enterpreneurs like the Ambani’s who are more hardworking than these women in developing their enterpreneurship and more inspiring. His highness Dalailama’s speech was forced to be concluded FOR WANT OF TIME(?) In what way can the speech of Venkaiah Naidu inspiring? Are anecdotes from his personal life more attractive than the true spiritualism of the Dalailama? No wonder AP is still groping in darkness under this leadership.

यह कैसी पढ़ाई है और ये कौन से छात्र हैं
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  1. Satyalakshmi says:

    What is going on in Tamil Nadu? The hero worship era is still continuing even after the death of Jayalalitha and MGR for want of proper leadership!What the people want is only a successful manipulation of strategy to win the hearts of the people. The people are still in their infancy regarding politics. They are unable to assess the worth of their leader. What they want is a charismatic leader. They are satisfied by the small trinkets thrown at them in return for their valuable votes. But God is great! What have the leaders MGR and Jayalalitha achieved through hoarding wealth? It is once again proved that none can take any material wealth with him/her after death. Then why is this struggle for wealth and power at the cost of goodness and honesty?