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If you are planning to establish a mobile presence for your business, one of the first considerations that come to your mind is should I create a mobile application or mobile website, or both. Determining this depends on a number of factors, including target audience, purpose, and geography. The emergence of Smartphone’s and tablets around the world has brought huge change. According to a recent survey by comScore, 88% of smart phone users use mobile app and 12% users use browsers in mobile phones. The two major facts in this survey are:

1. Mobile devices have become an integral part of everyone’s life all over the world

2. Smartphone and tablet users like application more than website.

The second doesn’t imply mobile application is enough for a business. In fact, mobile website is also important. The website plays an essential role in promoting the business on platforms like Google search engine, so the business can easily reach more online customers. On the other hand, the mobile applications are developed to maintain long-term relationship with customers and increase business profits. Let’s see the ultimate benefits of mobile apps for business:

Removes the communication barrier:

Messaging and other communication facilities in the app with the help of mobile application can well connect customers with business. Therefore, customers can send the instant messages to the company. Moreover, users can also share their grievance.

Enhances the quality of services and products:

With the help of direct communication, users can send feedback about the product. This will help the business to improve the quality of services and products. And also helps to know what type quality products customers want.

Support in Direct Marketing:

Mobile app makes the direct marketing easier.  With the help of mobile application, the business can get payment instantly as the customers can be allowed to pay through the wallet.

Simplifies Branding Process:

A mobile application is helpful to simplify the way of branding and promoting the products and services directly.

Apart from all above benefits, a mobile application also helps businesses get real customers. Compared to a mobile website, mobile application gets more and more loyal users because of the rich user experience it can give. On the other hand, mobile websites are accessed through search engines like Google, so that users of any platforms like Smartphone and tablets can easily connect to the business through website. Hence, it is essential for business to have both mobile website and mobile application in order to succeed in the digital world.


Hope that now you’ve come to know the value of mobile application and website very well. Both are equally important for the business.

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