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12 things Indians need to stop being so serious about..! sassytonic.wordpress.com/2015/02/21/12-things-indians-need-to-stop-being-so-serious-about/


1. Marriage.

Of course! This tops our list. The moment you turn 20 everyone including your annoying relatives who only care about the free food they’re gonna get start pestering you. Everything in life comes down to marriage for us Indians. Until and unless you have not tagged yourself with the ‘married’ label apparently, you have not achieved the purpose of your existence.


2. Having a baby.

So when you’re planning to have a baby? Asked the cousin’s aunt two days after my marriage. My answer, ‘whenever my protection fails’. When to have a baby, why to have a baby and whether to have a baby or not should be a couple’s decision and not the town’s.


3. Valentine’s day.

Create a riot over name of god? No problem!  Fight on street? No problem! Molest a girl? No problem! But we see you with your lover on valentine’s day, the day which is totally against our so called Indian culture and which is doing more harm to our ‘values’ than anything else, we will find you and we would marry you! It’s ironic how a country which aims to spread love is totally against the day which is celebrated to love. It’s V-day people not D-day. Relax!


4. What other people will say.

We all know this and we all have been through this. But you don’t have to decide what you want to do and what not based upon what others will say. What they think of you is their opinion and there is no reason you should be worry about it. It’s your life and you need to face the consequences, good or bad, you be the master of your life.

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5. Live In Relationships.

Oh so they are living together? Are they married? No…and probably not going to because they don’t feel the need to have license to express there love in form of marriage. Two people love each other, they trust each other, they decide to live together. As simple as that. There is no reason people should keep bugging them to get married.

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6. Religion

So you choose not to follow any particular religion and you loose your identity as well. Everything can be justified in India if you do it for religion. Its okay to follow one and be proud of it but its should not cause any harm to others. Religion is something which defines your personal values and lifestyle and should not be used as the weapon of mass destruction. Chill people we’re not born with stamps!


7. Career choices

Wait. What? You want to be a full time photographer? What am I going to tell the bride’s parents about my son’s job? Because if you are not going for engineering/MBBS or MBA, there is no way you made the right career choice. We Indians are so obsessed with the conventional career choices and ‘sources of income’ that we forget that we live to be happy. In the end, the amount of money you earned will not matter, what you did and whether you loved what you did would matter.


8. The ‘S’ word.

Every time someone says the word ‘sex’ in a conversation we don’t have to cringe or tell them to speak slowly. Some people just not have there mind closed in a box as yours. It’s a part of life and talking about it is just as normal as talking about the new burger launched in McDonald’s.



Those who say homosexuality doesn’t exist and it’s just a confusion in people’s mind need some serious lectures over there sexual orientation and see if they’re a part of this planet or some other galaxy where common sense just doesn’t exist. Every person has the right to choose and live the way they want to and we’re no one to judge.

Barack Obama

10. Cricket.

I understand we can’t resist the excitement cricket has to offer us. But giving equal or at least some more attention to other sports and sportsmen in India won’t do any harm.

hockey is our national game

11. Fair Skin. 

The white people are getting obsessed with tan products and we are still hoping for that four weeks fairness cream to do a miracle for us. God has blessed us with deliciously caramel skin, its high time we feel proud of that. Shahrukh Khan and Yami Gautam need a break!


12. AIB Roast.

And in the end, the AIB roast! People of India…seriously you guys need to take a deep breath. Roast is not an alien concept and celebrities from Pamela Anderson to president Obama too have faced it and taken it sportingly but I think we Indians have an ego too big and a lack of sense of humor for the fact. Rather than pondering over a comedy show people should worry about bigger issues like corruption, rapes, inflation etc.  And just because the celebrities are an easy target doesn’t mean you can take out your frustration of not doing anything, on them!


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