» Women Farmers are the Backbone of the Rural Economy


Women Farmers are the Backbone of the Rural Economy feministaa.com/2016/02/25/my-husband-did-not-have-enough-courage-to-face-the-problems-but-i-do-and-i-will-fight/

With the egregious rise in the number of farmer deaths in Vidarbha, Maharashtra, the growing number of farm widows has also escalated. When a crisis-hit farmer kills himself, what happens to the family he leaves behind? His widow is further pushed into the debt trap and multiplies her struggle to make ends meet. After a farmer commits suicide, his family needs to fill up a 40 page questionnaire which validates his existence as a ‘legitimate farmer’. In most of the conditions, the government does not pay any money to the family if the suicide was committed out of depression and not loan-debt problem. In the cases that it does pay, Rs 30, 000 is directly paid to the farmer’s widow while Rs 70,000 is preserved in the form of a FD, so that the money cannot be looted by the hungry money-lenders.

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