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Etiquette, according to Oxford Dictionary, is the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group. Etiquettes are acquired via constant and conscious learning of decent behaviour. There are different etiquettes which ought to be followed at discrete places, from social etiquettes to business etiquettes and computer etiquettes to office etiquettes. No need to mention that good manners are always appreciated and help you makes your way towards success. Adequate etiquettes in business scenario are of immense importance as well. They are potential enough to get you your dream job, appraisals, promotions and build healthy relationships with your peers. So, today we are going to tell you about few basic email etiquettes relevant in business perspective as suggested by trainers of TechRel Technologies.

Be strictly professional while sending your emails. It is important how you use your official email id. Avoid sending jokes, chain letters, forwards or any other unofficial mail to your co-workers or friends. Your activities are continuously monitored and professionalism is expected out of you.

The subject field is the window to your email and it helps receiver determine that if your mail is worthy of his or her time. Try to keep the subject of your email short, crisp and to the point. It should clearly depict the purpose behind your mail. Avoid typos, all caps or all small case; it gives an impression of unprofessionalism.

Do not forget to use Hello, Hi, Good Day, Thank you, Sincerely, Best Regards in your mails. All these intros and sign offs are basic staples of professional business e-mail communications. Always include a salutation and sign-off that includes your name with every e-mail you send.

Show common courtesy while communicating via mail. Type in full sentences with proper sentence formation. Appropriate punctuation and capitalization are must. You are an educated professional and expected to behave like one. All caps or all small case smacks of either lack of education, technology savvy or worse, laziness.

TechRel Consultancy Pune offers training and workshops for corporations and large organizations to foster personality development of their employees.Email Etiquettes is one of the programmes offered. 

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