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Respected Madam Chief Minister

The TASMAC shops that dot Tamil Nadu have contributed enormously to the revenues of the state. These shops also provide a cost effective way for men across Tamil Nadu to forget their sorrows after a hard day of sleeping around, playing cards, and gossiping. Most importantly, the alcohol sold through TASMAC allows our men to forget their meddlesome, quarrelsome wives and pesky children. Thanks to the Government’s scheme to provide TV, cellphone, grinder, gold for marriage, laptops, and in many instances cold, hard cash, men are no longer required to behave responsibly and spend all the money they earn on TASMAC which in turn directly helps the state. 

In light of the above advantages of TASMAC shops, I urge your Government to consider selling low-cost pickle packets, bajjis, fried snack items like murukku or any other traditional snack through Amma canteens. In the absence of cheap side dishes, our men are relying on roadside shops that sell adulterated snacks. Consuming adulterated snacks can damage their liver and over a period of time, can cause premature death. This idea will also help preserve the age-old recipes of traditional snacks and prevent people from getting addicted to pizzas, donuts, and burgers.

One final suggestion. It would help to integrate all TASMAC shops with Amma canteens so that drunk men can easily buy snacks from the adjacent Amma canteens before they rest by the roadside. Once they regain consciousness, they can buy some healthy meal from the canteens as well.

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