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My Politician. Where were you? themangoman.co.in/my-politician-where-were-you/

Where were you when two innocent were brutally gang raped on Kanpur highway?

Where were you when innocent  dalits were flogged by the so-called “cow protectors/gou rakshaks”?

source : www.goodlifer.com

source : www.goodlifer.com

Where were you when a bridge was swept away in Maharashtra?

Innocent died for no fault of theirs and not even a single head rolled.

Where were you when an innocent was killed over the assumption of consuming beef?

Where were you when poor died by the side of the road?

Where were you when the millennium city came to a halt because of a bad drainage system?

Time has come for us to ask the tough questions.

For how long will we allow our politicians to get away with things?

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