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Leaders of BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) and SP (Samajwadi Party) have been indicted by a one man inquiry setup by U.P Government to probe Muzaffarnagar riots.


Like always, both parties have vehemently denied involvement of any of their political leaders in Muzaffarnagar riots blaming the other political Muzaffarnagar Riots (Source : deccanchronicle.com)party for these ghastly riots.

Our country is not new to religious riots. From the infamous 1984 anti-skih riots to Godhra, we have seen the worse happen in front of our eyes. We have seen the rioters go around indulging in their act blatantly without fear of law or justice.

Which brings me to the question “Where is Government at the time of Riots?”  

“Why does our so called efficient “Government” turn so wimpish and ineffective during riots?

 The answer to these questions is not complex. If we were to introspect the trends before and after riots throughout history of India post-independence. There are similarities in how “divide and rule” policy discovered by British is used so cunningly by our politicians. Consider this:

a.        Riots are always orchestrated against a particular community with patronage from a political party

b.      The political party goes on to win elections by turning majority against minority.

c.       The perpetrators are rewarded by their political party

d.      Justice is never delivered.

i.e, the riots always happen for a political reason. The patronage provided to 1984 anti-sikh rioters by Congress Government is an open secret. All of them were given a free hand by Congress Government. Leaders like Jagdish Tytler, Kamal Nath were allegedly involved in the riots along with many other political leaders from Congress.

The whole Sikh community bore the brunt of Indira Gandhi Assassination.

In Lok Sabha elections held in December, 1984 Congress won the elections with an overwhelming majority. A record yet to be matched by any political party. In the end, Congress played on the emotions of Hindus by punishing Sikhs.

Most of the leaders involved in these riots were rewarded heavily with plump posts in government.

Fast forward to Muzaffarnagar riots.

The story repeats.

Riots were used as a tool by BJP to turn Hindus of Uttar Pradesh, divided along the lines of caste into a single unit. Inflammatory speeches were made by BJP leaders in gatherings to instigate riots.

The whole incident was orchestrated to give it a Hindu versus Muslim Flavor. The end results were for everyone to see. Muzaffarnagar riot is given the dubious distinction of the worst violence in Uttar Pradesh.

Congress, BSP, SP too jumped into the ship to gather Muslim votes. Unfortunately for them. They played in hands of BJP. BJP succeeded in portraying them as anti-Hindu parties.

BJP pulled off a coup in Uttar Pradesh by winning majority of seats in the state. The same state, which had voted in earlier elections on lines of Cast and creed voted on lines of Religion. Parties like RLD, BSP bit dust scoring a zero. The Hindu voters did not vote as Jats, SC, ST, OBC. They voted as Hindu and Muslims.

The leaders of BJP who were allegedly involved in Muzaffarnagar riots were rewarded with posts in Modi’s ministry.

Like victims of 1984 Sikh riots, victim of Muzaffarnagar riots still await justice.

This brings me back to my original question. Where is Government at time of riots?

From what I understand, Government is busy looking after their political gains. They are too busy to protect victims of riots. Their focus is to understand result of riots on vote dynamics. By the time, they realize the gravity of situation, riots are unstoppable.

They can only play the blame game.

At the end of day, Government has failed us and will fail us again in future in time of riots. We have to understand, Government comprises of politicians. Politicians, who are inhuman and incapable of understanding the loss of human life during riots.

Why should we even have expectations from them to save us?


-By Jasmeet Singh

Jasmeet is a political enthusiast located in Delhi/NCR who writes on his social-political blog at TheMangoMan.co.in

The writer can be reached on Twitter @themangoman007

His views can be read at : TheMangoMan.co.in


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