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The respected Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

Subject: Beer will help our state


The recent elections in our state saw most of the parties, including yours, promising to bring in prohibition. This is a brave decision, as it will reduce the state’s revenue by a big chunk. As a drinker myself, I’m not personally delighted by this promise either.

However, the problems faced by families of alcoholics are real, and cannot be ignored by those who want to have a good time. There are too many horrific reports of beatings and rape by drunken men of their own family members. 

Some people say it is all about drinking responsibly. But I highly doubt that a poor construction worker who has an aching body at the end of a day’s work cares much for the concept of moderation.

Here is a proposal that will satisfy all parties, while maintaining the state’s revenue – 

Permit beer to be the only alcohol sold in the state.

Typically, most cases of drunken rage and abuse stem from a person making a quick stop at a TASMAC and slamming down a half bottle in a few gulps. With beer, it is almost impossible to get so inebriated in such a short time. It calls for serious dedication of time, which most tipplers will be unable to provide.

The sheer volume of beer acts as a brake to uncontrolled inebriation, as a person’s stomach capacity is a bottleneck.

If a person tries to compensate by chugging strong beer very quickly, they will end up disgorging their stomach’s contents, and end up sober again. Experiments with dubious beers such as Black Pearl, Haywards and Vorion have conformed this.

Furthermore, as has been argued by many of my fellow drinkers, blanket prohibition will lead to spurious alcohol, blindness, dementia and many deaths. Although I cannot say this is better or worse than drinking Black Pearl beer.

A look at India’s history shows that we have a long and storied past of brewed beverages. They are an inseparable and glorious part of our heritage, as much as our temples and our literature. It is only after distilled alcohol was brought in by the colonial powers that we have begun to face ill effects.

In addition, prohibition will lead to the loss of many jobs in our state in many sectors. We will see a sharp decline in tourism, when we are already losing ground to our neighbouring states.

Allowing sale of beer will ensure that the state continues to generate revenue, while being responsible to the suffering families, and providing a harmless solution to the tipplers of Tamil Nadu.

I beseech you to consider this strategy which would satisfy all stakeholders. There will be the odd case of a drinker going overboard with beer, but it will be very rare.

Of course, there will be the necessity to install a number of public toilets to cater to the increase in beer drinkers. We need more of them in our state anyway, and I hope they will be built regardless of prohibition policy.

Respectfully yours,

A citizen

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  1. drbsjohri says:

    Can anybody be given a license to mutate his genes to produce abnormal progeny a burden on state and society. Alcohol should be banned in toto..