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Children are the mirror image of their parents; they have some inbuilt qualities, nature and personality adopted from their parents. Children observe and learn and accordingly copy what they observe. Nowadays children are very unpredictable; the change in their interest and lethargic approach towards everything has made them careless. They have become more stubborn, the adaptability percentage has gone down and some children become very difficult to be handled or managed. Parents know their children in the best way, their likings and disliking, their habit and nature, more importantly what can calm their children down. 

It is also important to educate the children at home because it gives an opportunity to the parents to spend time with their children. This quality time would increase the level of confidence and security in the child’s mind. The parents would know, what is been taught at the school and they won’t be oblivious of the nature of education their child is getting. We have seen many children feel anxious and pressurised because of the ever increasing competition which gradually develops pessimism in the child’s mind which may result into fatal consequences, as lethal as suicide in some cases. The only way of avoiding such circumstances is to speak. Communication heals many problems and a child cannot have a better friend than his/her own parents. Now-a- days, majority of the time spent by the child is either outside or Internet so it becomes the parents’ duty and responsibility to take out some quality time for their children and nurture their life.



It is true that everything can’t be taught at home. The formal education and training can be taken only from the authorised institutes. The certificates, degrees, etc. can be obtained from the formal education centres only but basic education starts at home where the child is prepared for the school and the world.  Parents can give their children life lessons too which will help them in becoming good human beings.

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