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A fast food restaurant is a type of eating place which serves various types of fast food with small seating or table arrangements mostly outside the restaurant. Also known as quick service restaurants mainly cater to takeaways. This industry targets students, youngsters and bachelors majorly but they are equally in demand by the family people and women.  


It is been said that the fast food restaurants were introduced in the United States in 1919 and the famous KFC and Mc. Donald’s and many other such chains are the gifts of the US which made this industry the necessity of every one. Terms like easy to make or ready to eat can be associated with fast food as they cook very fast and easily without much effort.


Market expert says that small fast food restaurants are very famous amongst people of low strata. The industry owners can target such people very easily as they are less conscious about nutrition or harms occurring from such type of foods.            


Another benefit of such chains are that the cost of opening and operating such restaurants is low because the raw material used is not very expensive and can be transported easily. Also, the number of staff required to operate fast food industry is very less. So many people who want to enter the field of business consider this industry majorly.



No matter how many health arguments is presented against these type of food, the reality is that fast food is a popular choice amongst the mass today and the demand for this is not going to diminish for a long time. As long as, demand is there, supply will be arranged accordingly and this industry is going to survive for years to come. 

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