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Social gathering of children: Need or formality ? i.indiaopines.com/wanyah/social-gathering-of-children-need-or-formality/

There was a time when parents used to give maximum protection to their children and would not allow them to go to the park or any place which let the child get exposed to soil, dirt, garbage, etc. Some gave hygiene reasons and some wanted to protect the children from direct heat, dust, etc. to save them from viral, sneezing, cold cough, etc.


But are we actually able to save them? This weird mindset of parents made our children turn into a loner. The children of today tend to spend maximum time on net, TV, mobile, etc. They tend to avoid crowd, not like talking much or mingling with people, which in away may lower their self confidence and adaptability. 


This is the reason, the parents now want to learn from mothers and mothers-in-law, the way they brought up their children. Just a little bit of casual approach but overseeing the children would help them develop acceptability of others and themselves. Let the children touch the dirt, soil, plants, grass. Let them fall in the park and get up themselves. Let the talk to strangers but watch them diligently. Let them grow themselves so that they can differentiate between the good and the bad. 


Surely, parents feel good to see their children happy and these activities would make the children self reliant and confident. Make a regular visit to the local park, shops, stores, etc. Parents should also develop these habits and shouldn’t just perform the formality of visiting the park. See the children smile and feel happy.





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