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The Selfie Craze – A moment to Capture or a Life to Sacrifice? i.indiaopines.com/wanyah/the-selfie-craze-a-moment-to-capture-or-a-life-to-sacrifice/

Love for anything is good but obsession is always harmful. With the advancement of technology and craze for mobile inspired the web developers to introduce a device on mobile called ‘front camera’ which allows people to click themselves.

It’s not required to describe the benefit of such camera as even a child knows how to operate it especially on a mobile and the best part is that that you don’t have to be dependent on others to click yourself. This feature on the mobile or camera fancies people to click themselves anywhere and everywhere.

Lately, we get to hear about many accidents occurring because of Selfie craze. It is bizarre to learn that you love yourself so much that you click selfie but you are so careless about yourself that you don’t realize the death trap arising out of it. Getting mesmerized by the beauty of nature like hill stations, mountains, lakes, fountains, or man-made beauty like palaces, forts, monuments, etc. and the wish to capture those moments is a natural phenomena. But endangering your life for such craze is not advisable at any cost.

Electronic devices are meant to simplify people’s life not create threat to life. But unfortunately, we take everything for granted almost everything and above all, our own life. Call it a trend, fashion or competition, now-a-days, everyone likes to pose, click and post on the social media. They want to stay connected with the friends and relatives, and the desire to share what they do inspires them to capture every moment and post on social media.


Nobody is against any trend or habit, after all it’s a democratic country and we are free to choose our activities, but we have to be very sensible and careful especially conscious while we are in public places.

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