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Famous musician and artist Kurt Cobain once said “They laugh at me because I’m different; I laugh at them because they’re all the same”. These lines impeccably describe the current political situation of the national capital Delhi. The giants of the political game are making fun of newly formed party, considering it a fad group and questioning its existence in terms of votes but the inside story says both are scared of the new born party. Aam Aadmi Party is acting like a trend setter this time and others are just following and copying its strategies. The real success of an election for any political party measured by the number of seats they win in respective election but this time things are different. This time things are not just limited to wining number of seats but it’s a matter of confidence for Congress, matter of pride for BJP and matter of existence for AAP.

The basic and most praiseworthy difference lies between Aam Aadmi Party and others is that AAP has a strong volunteer base and others have huge money and power base. For AAP people are serving, for others people are working. As name suggests Aam Aadmi’s are selflessly living every single day and night for AAP to accomplish the dream of Swaraj.

“Why should I vote for AAP?” This is the most floating question among the people of Delhi. It is good to ask questions in a democracy and much better scenario is to get answer of those questions. That’s what makes AAP different from others as they have all the answers in their pocket; exaggerating further they are providing answers even before getting the questions raised. They have a vision to decentralize the power and to bring direct involvement of people into the governance. To understand the idea of AAP, we must go into the fabrication of its roots. Like many other parties they have emerged from an agitation but what make them different are their intentions and the sacrifices which they made into the past.

Many people left their jobs, students have sidelined their studies, some have donated their houses and shops, poor have bestowed their earning, NRI’s have come to India and many others have donated huge amounts just to bring down the idea of Swaraj into existence. The populist face of Aam Aadmi Party and its national convener Arvind Kejriwal is the most admiring leader because he has shown courage to put everything on stake, a career, a comfortable living and even his life (Being diabetic he sat for 15 day long fast).

Today a thought of India shows a picture of poverty, corruption, communalism, poor infrastructure and many others problems. From last 66 years of post-independence we are fighting with these basic issues and Arvind Kejriwal led AAP has dramatically flourish his party’s election symbol, the broom while vow to flounce out the rubbish that has accrue over the decades. The results of Delhi Assembly elections 2015 will not only decide the future of AAP but also the future of country politics. The results will determine whether it is feasible to take a fight with well established, powerful, and richer political class or we are just bound to substitute one established giant of this field with the other.

For a broader picture the real concern is not about the next move of Arvind Kejriwal if he loses this time but the more elaborative and thoughtful concern is what will happen to the idea of corruption free well developed India. This election will not only determine the future of Arvind Kejriwal or his party AAP but on a greater node it will determine the future of the people of India. An India which no longer concerned about the government malfunctioning, an India which is far ahead of Hindu-Muslim issues, an India which no longer concerned about poverty, an India which no longer felt insulted due to the corruption instead of all this AAP has providing an alternative to null out all these silly issues to see a bigger picture of exultant and prosperous India.

Extracts from "Why I am an Atheist" :Bhagat Singh
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  2. AAP is most likely to form govt in Delhi but their real test will come after they come to power.